I didn’t think that I’d ever come back to site again. None the less, I’m in a weird position in my life right now. Recently, my brother broke up with his girlfriend. Now, they have been dating for a long time, and had broken up twice before. The last time they broke up, they still saw each other everyday during school, still talked to each other and were still involved heavily in their lives. When He got back with his girlfriend I was infuriated because their relationship was almost always one sided. He would be doing everything he could to make the relationship work while she just took all the benefits. She held all the power. He held on to her. Dang, sounds a bit familiar to my last experience. Anyway, I never really liked her in the first place since she kept emaney on a leash like a puppy dog, ruined the friend dynamic between the group, and was almost always moody.

I’m going to go off the rails a bit here since my mind is all over the place. My brother has only had one real relationship, and that just happens to be with the his now ex gf. So he’s taking this extremely hard. It’s hard for me to support him because I just don’t know what to do. I’m telling him things that I did whenever I felt like this in similar circumstances but it’s just hard. The situation also pisses me off because my brother’s friend Desi is going out of her way to try and make him feel better, and dragging me along. However, when I was like this last year, no one did crap to make me feel better. I was out alone, trudging along the path of loneliness and depression. I guess I just feel like an older sibling towards this whole thing, where I’m irritated at the fact that no one helped me when I was in the same situation, and now I have to help someone else. I just hope my brother realises that she was a crappy person, and that he should treat this experience as a stepping stone. He’s treating this like it was his last realtionship, which also irks me because there’s a ton of girls that flirt with him on the daily. He’s being over dramatic and it’s hurting me because, while he’s always been the center of female attention, I’m over here solo bolo for most of my life. It’s been five years, since the last time I was intimate with a girl. Like damn. At this rate, I’ll be single for another 3 years. Anyway, he’ll be fine before he even realizes it. I’m just kinda annoyed that my, ” I told you ” was right all along, and now he’s paying for it.

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